Medisana for Healty Air

The Medisana Air room air purifier ensures that air is healthy by quietly freeing the air from particulates, dust, pollens, odours and bacteria using an antibacterial particulate filter along with additional activated carbon filtering. The device cleans room air using the convection principle – getting rid of all smells as well as house dust, animal hair, mould spores, mite allergens and tobacco smoke.

Medisana Air is simple and intuitive to use. It switches automatically from its day function to its energy-efficient, night-time “quiet-as-a-whisper” function using an optical sensor. The digital motor guarantees an extra-long service life and has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty plus two years warranty extension, when users register online.

  • LED dust light ensures that the air is optimally filtered and it displays the degree of pollution or if the filter needs to be changed.
  • Display with a traffic-light system indicates when the filter has to be changed
  • Positive effect on the user’s health and wellbeing

HALL 6.1 / STAND 103