Midea Rice Cooker Deploys Five Technologies


Midea’s Rice Cooker MB-PFZ3503 applies five core technologies to ensure each rice grain is evenly heated in the cooking process, thus improving and enhancing the taste quality of rice.

The first of these technologies is IH heating technology with high-speed, broadband frequency, partition control. This drives the bottom and side areas for independent heating, alternative heating, and high-speed joint heating, and implements different heating control and combinations in the cooking process, so as to reduce the possibility of rice blocks formed in the intensive heating area.

Other Midea innovations include: bumping control technology by instant voltage transformation; shell integrated punch forming technology and the M-Smart system. The latter automatically matches rice type, selects different tastes, and acts as the cooking process reminder.

The final technology is vacuum pot technology. This is exclusively designed with a bottom boiling ring, which can make the heat form intensive convection, and also make

the bubbles generate and oat evenly and densely, so that the rice can be evenly heated. It
also adopts vacuum layer design and vacuum layer manufacturing, which can effectively prevent the heat from being lost at the side of the liner, and realise constant heat preservation in power-off mode

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