Midea’s Hot Water Solutions


Midea’s Beverly JSQ30-16HI8, also known as the Lintom I8, is a unique water heating product that uses the Zero-cold Water system to heat water faster. Compared with traditional hot water systems, the heating time is shortened by 40% with this powerful product – for a living space of 150 sqm it therefore only takes two minutes to supply hot water for the whole house, reducing the waiting time for 220 minutes every month. Midea’s ambition is to shorten the waiting time further.

In terms of technology, the product adopts a turbocharged cycle engine and aerospace ceramic shaft with a vortex impeller layout – the angle of the vortex impeller is 60°. With rotation speeds reaching 3000rpm/min, Midea strives for a smooth hot water procedure and precision in every component.

Besides working to reduce waiting time, Midea has also been focused on re ning temperature variability. Fluctuations in water temperature of more than 2°C can result in an uncomfortable feeling for people. So Midea has been dedicated to the research and development of stepless constant temperature cabin technology, which is capable of providing hot water of constant temperature with perfect feeling to the human skin. The temperature difference is controlled at ±0.5°C.

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