Premium Turntable from Technics

The Reference Class SP-10R is Technic’s most premium analogue, direct-drive turntable to date, due to hit the market in early summer 2018. Following the launch of the highly regarded SL-1200GAE/G in 2016 and the SL-1200GR earlier this year, Technics set about creating its most premium turntable ever – the SP-10R. The new turntable combines Technics’ most advanced digital and analogue technologies, boasting the most impressive sound-to-noise ratio, rotational stability and flutter, and wow ratio of any of its turntables.

  • Audio quality: New coreless direct-drive motor and 7kg heavy platter for outstanding audio quality
  • No hum: Ultra-low-noise switching power supply, better at suppressing unwanted humming sounds and vibrations
  • Separate supply: The power supply unit is separate from the main turntable for a sharper and clearer sound

HALL 5.2 / STAND 101