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Galanz leverages manufacturing strength to create quality and service for consumers

After launching onto the international market in the 1990s as a microwave manufacturer, Chinese home appliance firm Galanz quickly expanded into air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and other small home appliances. Some 20 years on, the company has established strategic partnerships with many famous European brands and exported almost 0.2 billion units to Europe.

Proof of the company’s rapid progress as an international player is the news that it has been selected as a winner at this year’s IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards. The Smart Interconnected Innovation Gold Award went to the Galanz Ice World Refrigerator BCD- 388WTDPH, while the Safety and Cleaning Technology Innovation Gold Award went to the Galanz Automatic Dishwasher W3A1G1-0C0. Speaking to IFA International magazine, Galanz President Leung Chiu Yin expressed his delight at winning “such an influential award that is only given to the best and most hard-working products. Through winning, Galanz is able to demonstrate its strength in producing and manufacturing for the international market.”

Like many leading Chinese appliance firms, Galanz has prioritised brand-building in recent years – emphasising reliability, quality, performance and design. Leung Chiu Yin said the key to the Galanz brand is “to offer the best quality and service to consumers. As an enterprise we always put consumers at the centre. We are not just manufacturing products but also creating a whole new lifestyle. So we must ensure our consumers are enjoying their work and their lives.” Alongside customer-centric brand-building, Galanz has identified intelligent manufacturing, innovation and localisation as strategic priorities. Galanz has established subsidiaries and R&D centres in countries including Germany, Great Britain and France and employed a lot of local talent. With the deep fulfillment of its localisation strategy, Galanz will provide better brand service experience for global users. “For us to be truly international, we have to merge into every local market and understand consumer needs,” Leung Chiu Yin said. But our definition of localisation is not just to have sales centres, it is also to have research & development and service centres. In Germany, we want to recruit a lot of staff in these areas. Only in this way can we become a truly international brand.”


Galanz’s growth has also been helped by strong strategic cooperation with leading retail channels. It has entered into innovative business arrangements such as drop-shipping with the likes of Media Markt, Saturn, Metro, Aldi South, Kaufland, Carrefour (France) and Fillony. And in E-commerce, Galanz is the five-star co-operation partner of OTTO Group. Galanz also plans to accelerate its activities in the drop-shipping model for Amazon in European countries during this year. Innovation has been crucial to the company’s transformation – with a strong emphasis on highefficiency energy-saving products and industries; and eliminating backward and low-valued production capacity. In terms of innovative products on show at the Galanz stand this year, highlights include an internetenabled eco-refrigerator with social and housekeeper function, a drum washing machine with iron-free and steaming function, an intelligent microwave with massive cloud menu, and an embedded three-in-one machine comprising microwave, steam stove and oven. Using their mobile phones to access the Galanz G+ intelligent home appliance app, consumers can also control home appliances remotely, upgrade product function independently, and even control all the intelligent equipment in the house via the Galanz internet eco-refrigerator.

Another commendable aspect of the Galanz range is that all exhibited products – from design and materials to installation – are in accordance with the concept of ecological health and green sustainable development. Leung Chiu Yin said IFA is “the most influential platform in terms of R&D, sales and marketing and production. For us, it is an opportunity to communicate with enterprises from all over the world”.

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Photo: Leung Chiu Yin President, Galanz