Samsung Creates QLED Stands and Invisible Connection Cable

Samsung has rolled out a range of accessories to support its QLED TV products. These include the Gravity and Studio stands and the transparent “Invisible Connection” optical cables. With a contemporary look and feel, the Samsung Gravity Stand enhances rooms with its modern design and shape. Comprised of stainless steel, the Gravity Stand is so discreet that the QLED TV looks as if it were floating when affixed. The Gravity Stand also allows users to turn the TV screen up to 70° (35° left or right). The Samsung Studio Stand is designed to allow the QLED TV to be displayed as a masterpiece in the home and provides consumers with the ability to easily place their TV anywhere.

  • Compact Small size of the Gravity stand enables the TV to be placed in small spaces
  • Versatile Can turn the Gravity stand up to 70 degrees
  • Design Fits every home regardless of its individual aesthetic

CityCube HALL B / STAND 101