TCL T-Guardian– Not Just an Air Conditioner


State of the art product doubles as a security system

The TCL T-Guardian is an eye-catching product that combines state of the art air conditioning with a 720P high solution recoding security camera that has an angle of 100 degrees and night vision.

In addition, the T-Guardian has a built-in wi-fi module, through which it can deliver services and data to the user’s mobile. As a result, one can still control the room temperature even when working in the of ce or travelling away from home. Also, via a pre-installed control app on the mobile, users can turn on their air conditioner before arriving home, and enjoy the comfort of the air conditioner whenever they want.

The T-Guardian is also designed with an air purification function, to provide healthier and fresher air to the room. This function is activated automatically and monitors the indoor air quality. Users can enjoy excellent cool air, as well as breathe fresh and clean air. Also, it can be made to work with extra low noise, which can be as low as 19 dB.

The fins of the product’s evaporator and condenser are all coated with TitanGold. This technology is outstanding for its excellent hydrophilia, therefore, the dust and bacteria that accumulates on these two devices can be easily washed away, providing more natural and fresh air.

Regarding the energy-saving and environmental- friendly side of the product, it is also designed with an ECO mode. By pressing the button on the remote control for activation, the T-GUARDIAN will self-adjust the settings according to present temperature, humidity, air volume, etc. and operate in a most economical way. Also, its operation will be turned into a buffer mode, which can reach the set temperature more precisely.

HALL 21 / STAND 102