Alexa Gives Voice to IFA Next

Amazon Alexa is at IFA for the first time, its stand strategically located among the upcoming start-ups located in the IFA Next hall. In the last year, the Alexa personal voice assistant that allows users to control music playback, play movies on TVs, stream podcasts or play audiobooks has been embraced by a host of home electronics companies at IFA – from iRobot to Miele, Philips Hue to Digital Strom, Libratone Zipp to Sanbot.

According to Alexa, the voice command software is free to all users with no added licensing fees, meaning that the technology can be simply and cheaply adopted by manufacturers of diverse products from party speakers to personal robots. While the voice assistant was developed alongside the Amazon Echo product range, it has quickly become a universal platform for a technology that is set to revolutionise the way users interact with devices.

Like touch, voice has emerged as a natural, sensory means to control a growing range of connected products. The Amazon Alexa voice assistant has therefore positioned itself at the forefront of the voice revolution at its busy IFA Next booth, giving both trade and the public a new perspective into an innovation that will touch businesses and individuals long into the future.

HALL 26a / STAND 221