Bosch Roxxter with Alexa for Smartest Cleaning

Bosch released its latest vacuum robot, the Roxxter, in time for IFA 2017, claiming it was the world’s only robot vacuum cleaner that can be accurately activated and controlled by Amazon’s Alexa. While other models have since been rolled out with the Alexa voice assistant, this smart helper employs intelligent navigation software to scan its surroundings. It also generates a map on the Bosch Home Connect app that allows users to specify no-go zones around children’s areas, for example.

Roxxter can also store several maps at the same time, so users can vacuum multi-story homes as well as second homes or summer apartments. Moreover, the smartphone can be used to send this multi-functional helper to check through rooms in the home using an integrated streaming camera, ensuring peace of mind regarding family pets or, for example, ensuring that balcony doors are closed.

  • Among the first robots to include Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Intelligent navigation software scans surroundings to generate room maps
  • Acts as a surveillance device via an integrated streaming camera

HALL 3.1 / STAND 101