Candy Presents Intuitve Washer

Candy has launched Bianca, which it claims is the first washing machine with intuition and advanced features. The company says that Bianca listens, understands consumers’ needs, and performs the most effective and best suited washing programme to their specific needs.

Through Bianca’s Smart Ring interface, a single touch-screen circle display, users can access more than 500 washing combinations, while all programmes last less than an hour, thanks to the Zoom function.

Bianca, which can be interacted with through “simply-Fi”, the exclusive connectivity system, enables users to access useful functions including the energy reduction manager and auto maintenance. Smart Ring is specifically positioned with a 11-degree inclination to prevent customers from bending, is comfortable and ergonomic, Candy says.

  • All programmes last less than an hour
  • Controlled via simply-Fi system
  • An 11% inclination to prevent bending

HALL 9 / STAND 123