Digital Health: Enablement of Consumers and Clinicians

André Sommer, CEO of Berlin-based Cara by HiDoc Technologies, sees great opportunities in modern healthcare through digital therapies. His company is an award-winning mobile health start-up with a grand vision: to transform millions of lives through better and faster medical and psychological care.

As a medical doctor, I know how hard it is to establish new technologies in the healthcare sector. At the IFA+ Summit I want to take the opportunity to talk about the evolution in healthcare via technology and precision medicine. With our company we are facing this challenge from a consumer-focused point of view and I want to show you how we solved an important problem for our users.

What does Cara do? 

20% of all humans are suffering from digestive problems like food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome or even an inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s.

At Cara we empower patients suffering from chronic digestive diseases to live better lives. We take digestive health beyond the pill, bringing together behavioural, microbial and nutritional data.

What are the key points of evolution coming up in the digital health sector that are really going to change people’s lives? 

In order to change people’s lives, two key points are essential: data accessibility and algorithms powered by AI. The reason being that insights into valuable data mean everything when you want to provide each patient with the best therapeutic option.

How does the ‘Cara’ app work? 

Cara is the first AI-driven solution that enables patients to understand their digestive disease. We’ve developed the fastest solution to track your nutrition without the pain of calorie counting. You can also record your stress, mood, pain and other symptoms – and even your medications, all within seconds. Then, our data visualisation enables you to detect patterns between trigger factors and symptoms. On top of that, our artificial intelligence analytics give you actionable insights.

Hall 26b
5 September 2017 – 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Photo : André Sommer, CEO, Cara by HiDoc Technologies