Gorenje Group Sets Its Sights on Global Expansion

Last year, Gorenje Group launched its 2020 strategy, driving business and taking its portfolio of brands into new markets

Gorenje Group’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Marketing, said the company is looking to grow its business both within Europe and internationally. We asked Mr Vogl what the plans are for the company’s core brands…

Gorenje Group is present in around 90 markets, so we can consider Gorenje Group a global player. We currently are a European core player, but according to our 2020 strategy, we want to go even more global; to target China, the Middle East, North Africa and also establish ourselves in the US.

What are your plans for the ASKO brand? 

As a clearly positioned premium brand in the market, over the past two years, we have rolled out ASKO into Italy, France, the Middle East and China. The premium segment is growing and we believe that with our products inspired by Scandinavia, with its cultural heritage and its design attitude, there is a lot of room in those markets for our brand.
The ASKO brand plays an important role in our strategy. The next steps include launching ASKO in Germany and the UK, but we want to find the right partners and do it correctly. In Asia, meanwhile, we see a lot of opportunity. We have established around 20 premium ASKO showrooms in China and we will also explore outlets in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other territories. There is a very positive attitude in Asia to European brands. We are ready to share ASKO with the world now. For a long time, ASKO has been in Australia and the US, but we see opportunity there to grow sales of this premium brand.

What does the future hold for the Gorenje brand? 

Currently, 65% of our volume is Gorenje – and the brand is a well-known added value player. We are the number one brand in our home territory and in South-Eastern Europe, but we also have a very good position in Russia.


Germany was our first export market in the 1960s. Our plan for Gorenje is to further strengthen the Gorenje brand, not just in Europe, but also internationally too.

What are the company’s plans for the small domestic appliances market? 

Our strategy also includes SDA, which offers two major benefits. The purchase rate of SDAs is higher than MDA, as are growth rates, so we can increase the brand awareness via entering the small appliance market.

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