IFA International – DAY 5 Edition

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Entering the Cyborg Era

We have all become cyborgs. As so astutely pointed out by IFA+ Summit participant Amber Case, a cyborg anthropologist at Harvard University, we have “evolved external appendages in the form of phones, books and computers”. These, she points out, are mental extensions of the self, and they’re changing rapidly. One of the biggest challenges, she says, is that with some estimated 50-billion devices circulating by 2020, the scarcest resource for our future selves will be attention, not technology.

Qualcomm’s SVP of product management, Raj Talluri, explains that we are in fact creating a “unifying fabric” with the new generations of mobile; a fabric that, with the arrival of 5G, will connect billions of devices in some of the fastest, most reliable and efficient ways possible – fundamental for the future of IoT. The Qualcomm visionary says, “We envision the IoT as an enormous ecosystem where connected places and things work in concert; a world where devices are safer, smarter, more convenient, and work seamlessly together, regardless of platform, standard or manufacturer, to improve our lives”.

Erica Warp, VP of Emotiv, outlined technology that will allow us to track and measure what’s happening in people’s brains on a massive scale, enabling the development of new techniques to improve mental fitness and health.

These and other presentations at the IFA+ Summit, which started yesterday and continues today in Hall 26b, are of such an extraordinary level that the summit arrives this year at a comparable level to that of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in terms of vision and consequences.

Indeed, it’s all in the future, but we’re seeing it here at IFA today. As always, IFA is, of course, THE official partner of the future.