Next level of thinking

The theme for this year’s summit is “PLUG IN-spiration”. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, smart homes – these are just few of the trends that more than 500 scientists, business founders and tech pioneers will be discussing at the IFA+ Summit. What impact will today’s connected world have on the work environment of tomorrow? What are the limits of digitalisation if augmented and virtual reality are combined? How are big data and social bots changing the way we interact?

Creative start-ups and entrepreneurs will also get their own platform at the summit: the Innovation Slam will give them the chance to showcase their ideas and projects to an audience in a 10-minute session. Whoever gets the most applause wins. The IFA+ Summit will provide a glimpse of the future, broken down into four high quality clusters: #Interaction, #Intelligence, #Experience and #Society.

Yesterday saw the first two, and today’s clusters will be those of experience and society.

CLUSTER #3 : from 11:00 am


“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” Digitalisation has not only blurred the lines between reality and fiction. It has created new categories of experience, such as virtual and augmented and mixed reality. How does gamification change our cognition? Explore the latest developments and take a look into the future.

CLUSTER #4: from 3:00 pm


Online learning, social networks, virtual working, digital cities, telemedicine: digitalisation has a huge impact on human interaction and on how we experience our social lives. What are the consequences of the evolution of a society that is connected 24/7? Let’s find some answers, together.

5 September 2017 / HALL 26B