Japanese Air Treatment Company Cado Enters European Market

Cado, a Japanese manufacturer of air treatment products will launch its products in Germany, France and UK from October 2017.

The company’s first products in Europe will be its best-selling air purifiers, LEAF 200 and LEAF Portable. LEAF 200 is a versatile model that fits in any type of room. Its cylindrical steel body inhales impure air, such as harmful chemical particles, smoke, pollen, etc. from 360° and releases the purified air through diagonal flow fan – creating an air circulation. The LED lights indicate the invisible air condition with sensors, and automatically adjusts air volume.

LEAF Portable is a portable air purifier that supplies clean air wherever and whenever for those who travel with vehicles. It simply fits into the car drink holder and can be controlled with a haptic button.

All Cado air purifiers are equipped with a self-cleaning filter, which captures and disposes of gaseous pollutants. This, it said, results in consistent, powerful absorption and performance.

  • Designed with carefully selected and crafted materials
  • Powerful air purification capacity with self-cleaning filter and smart sensors
  • Simple and easy operation with intuitive control panels and easy maintenance

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