LG Unveils New Dryers

LG Electronics says its dryer solutions are aimed at customers who prioritise energy efficiency and convenience. Equipped with LG’s Inverter Heatpump technology, the company says its new dryer minimises fabric damage by maintaining a low drying temperature while also providing more options, such as Eco Mode and Turbo Mode. The LG Styler delivers the final step in the clothing care process.
Designed to refresh and deodorise clothes, the Styler uses TrueSteam technology to gently sanitise clothes while reducing wrinkles and odours.

A core feature of the Styler is its Moving Hanger, which gently shakes clothes to further reduce wrinkles formed during the steam process. And Easy Pants Crease forms a fine, crisp line down the centre of each leg.

  • Eco Mode – Saves energy and emits low noise
  • Turbo Mode – Ensures a quicker drying time
  • The Styler – Prevents fabric damage

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