Lupe One’s Aerodynamic Offering

The new Lupe One cordless vacuum cleaner is aiming to transform the market with groundbreaking technology that delivers a combination of great dirt removal, excellent filtration, a long running time and low noise. The handheld Lupe One, invented by two engineers who used to work at Dyson, has an interchangeable motor and battery pack that can be upgraded as the technology evolves. Due to launch in 2018, the company says the Lupe One is based on simple aerodynamic principles not typically used in cordless vacuums, and that its patented technology offers outstanding cleaning performance in an extremely energy-efficient manner.

The Lupe One’s patented cleaner head is said to work on all floor types, removing the need for an array of pick-up heads.

  • Patented cleaner head works on all floor types.
  • 32.4V lithium-ion removable power pack offers up to 40 minutes of battery life, enough to clean most homes.
  • Efficient – whole-house cleaning performance with high pick-up.

HALL 26a / STAND 129