Old Faces, New Roles

IFA is a show where from year to year, one tends to see many familiar faces, but where the roles of course change from one year to the next. A case at hand is Peter Weber of Wiesbaden-based EuroComms. We asked him to explain how he works these days and what attracts him to IFA.

I am an old horse, and I have been coming to IFA for generations. I am still surprised that every year I learn something new. For me as a journalist, it’s always important to be here.

For many years, I have worked as a trade journalist and as a consultant to the industry, sometimes at the same time, and sometimes with a full-time role. At the moment, while working as a journalist, I am also helping some start-up companies with advice and knowledge.

What do you see as being the key trends at the show this year? 

Here at IFA we have seen the introduction of the first 8K TV that will arrive next year. Everyone is talking about smart home, but not everyone is using it. Drones and robots were not traditionally known as consumer electronics, but now they are. As everything is now networked, there is a connection between all these devices. Another major trend is the huge presence here of the big Chinese companies, and the purchase by some of them of some big European brands. They are all on their way to going global with big success now. The retailers have to comprehend this, to get in contact with these companies, and learn about their technology and their products and understand their advantages.

What is your advice to journalists coming to IFA? 

Go to the ShowStoppers event, where you can get a lot of information in a really short space of time. And read IFA International – it’s the best resource for getting ideas and leads for stories.

Photo : Peter Weber, Founder & owner, EuroComms