Panel to Discuss Data Sharing for Patients

Shari Langemak is a physician, speaker, and a digital health strategist. Her talks and lectures are mainly concerned with the opportunities and challenges of an ongoing digitalisation and medical innovation. At Philips, Shari focuses on new business models and strategies in pregnancy and parenting.

Can you please give us an outline of what people can expect to learn about in your presentation at the IFA+ Summit? 

Our panel discussion deals with one of the most controversial topics in healthcare: data sharing. On the one hand, an increasing amount of health data helps us to diagnose and treat diseases better while cutting costs. One the other hand, healthcare professionals, research and governmental institutions and companies alike must ensure that this data is safe and secure. I expect that we will discuss the possible means of how we can protect the user, and what possible trade-offs patients could face when they blindly share data.

How and when will consumers’ lives be changed or enhanced thanks to new technologies? 

We already see several trends and innovations that will completely disrupt the healthcare system. Patient-centred innovations, such as monitoring devices and educational apps, increasingly empower patients, and help them to make informed decisions about their own health. Big Data and Machine Learning will help us to develop new and better therapies faster.
Telemedicine and monitoring of chronic diseases will ensure that we treat complications as soon as they appear – and thereby help us to cope with rising costs in healthcare.

What kind of people should attend your panel? 

Every time I am on stage, I hope for a broad type of audience. Healthcare is such a central part of everyone’s life, and I believe that we need a public discussion on how we envision the future of healthcare. Anyone who worries, hopes and cares should be part of our discussion.

Hall 26b
5 September 2017 – 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Photo: Shari Langemak, Strategy & New Business Development, Philips, Germany