Spotlight on the North American Market

The USA continues to be a powerhouse for consumer technology

The OECD, in its latest forecast for the USA, stated that economic growth would pick up in 2017 and 2018 as headwinds from past exchange rate appreciations abate and support from fiscal policy begins to appear.

With inflation nearing its target and unemployment edging down further, monetary policy stimulus has begun to be withdrawn gradually. As growth picks up, further interest rate rises are projected to contain inflationary pressures and reduce the risk of financialmarket distortions. Reducing the size of the central bank’s balance sheet will soon become appropriate.
The US consumer technology industry is, according to the CTA, set to see 3.2% revenue growth in 2017, with local retail sales of US$321bn. US electronics manufacturers continue to keep their names in the international spotlight, and are always very present at IFA Berlin with the aim of reaching the global market. Keynotes from Microsoft and Fitbit underline the continuing strong relations between
American vendors and the world’s “most important technology marketplace”, and the strong presence of major players such as Dell and Harman are other ways of “flying the flag”, even if Harman became a whollyowned subsidiary of Samsung in March of this year.