The World’s First Connected Iron

Laurastar is at IFA with Laurastar Smart, the world’s first connected iron.

It connects to a mobile app and gives tutorials to improve the user’s ironing skills. There is no longer any need for user manuals as a built-in sensor helps optimise the user’s ironing technique by comparing it to the “ideal” movement demonstrated on the interactive video of the app. This enables the user to develop the perfect ironing gesture.

With the help of a sensor built into the iron handle, the Laurastar Sensteam technology captures movements and triggers steam automatically. Now both intelligent and autonomous, its pulsed distribution ensures optimal steam dosing. There is also no further need to adjust the temperature: the thermostat is programmed to adapt to all fabrics.

Laurastar Smart is described by the company as “a system that thinks on your behalf”. With Bluetooth connectivity, motion sensors, automation of steam and temperature adjustment, the Laurastar Smart premium range incorporates the internet of things to “combine performance with an exceptional user experience”.

  • Laurastar Smart connects to a mobile application and acts as your coach to “beautify your clothes” through tutorials provided by the Laurastar app
  • The revolutionary Sensteam technology detects the user’s movements and releases steam automatically
  • Hygienic steam kills 99.999% of bacteria

HALL 4.1 / STAND 202