VR – Real Life vs. Fantasy

Clemens Conrad is the executive experience director of Vectorform, a global organisation that invents digital products and experiences for leading brands. He is responsible for the overall operational performance of the European region and leads the design department globally.

Vectorform is an invention company that creates digital products and experiences for the world’s leading brands with a focus on mobile, augmented and virtual reality (AR/ VR), Internet of Things, smart home, connected vehicle and wearable technology.

Can you please give us an outline of what people can expect to learn about in your presentation at the IFA+ Summit? 

Attendees of the panel can expect to learn how VR and AR is being leveraged across all industries, impacting on the way we learn, train, and conduct business today and in the future.
I will touch on several use cases, but will focus on a program specific to the utility industry. The program, a utility industry first, aims to revolutionise high-consequence training.

How does the future look? How and when will consumers’ lives be changed or enhanced thanks to new technologies? 

Whether we’re inventing new products, services, processes, or tools, we are obsessive about improving the world in which we live and work. Simply put, we invent the future. While others are trying to predict the future, we are busy inventing it.

What kind of people should attend your talk? 

My talk will provide an overview on VR in the enterprise and how it can be used to drive change in how we learn, train, and conduct our business today and in the future. Industry professionals, people interested in getting into the industry, and/or companies looking to create a new product or implement new features with emerging tech would find it valuable.

Hall 26b
5 September 2017 – 12:00 – 1:00pm

Photo : Clemens Conrad, CEO Europe, Vectorform