Bespoke Sound from Beyerdynamic 

Beyerdynamic’s Aventho wireless headphones offer customised sound personalisation via an app, or as the company puts it: “a tailor-made suit for the ears”. Research suggests that the way people hear sound is as diverse as people themselves. With this in mind, the German company is working with Mimi Hearing Technologies, whose sound customisation technology helps create a personal listening profile, tailored to a set of Beyerdynamic headphones. This profile is based on the soundcheck in the “Make it yours” (MIY) app and then uploaded directly to the headphones. Beyerdynamic believes this development represents a new era for completely customised listening. The Aventho/Mimi sound customisation technology is showcased at IFA 2017.

  • Tailored to you Mimi’s in-headphone sound customisation turns music and sounds into a completely personal experience – with individual calibration that is especially determined for peoples’ hearing
  • Listening habits The Sound Watching app service provides an overview of individuals’ listening habits on request and shows whether their ears need a rest
  • Powerful battery The Aventho wireless has a powerful internal rechargeable battery that offers up to 20 hours of playing time

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