Bumil’s Innovative Hauscook Range Launches in Europe

Smart Fryer and Quick Cooker induction heat technology delivers superior cooking speed, economy, health and safety

Since it launched in 1980, South Korean manufacturer Bumil Industrial has established itself as a market-leader in providing heating plates for small appliances such as rice cookers. But last year, the company took a major step forward when it launched its own branded products – a pioneering Smart Fryer and an innovative Quick Cooker that promise to transform the international market with their use of Induction Heat technology.

Marketed under the new Hauscook brand, the two products are already securing orders in Japan and Korea, says Bumil Industrial President Young Suk Shin. “But we also see strong potential for these products in Europe, which is why we have attended IFA Global Markets this year. IFA is the perfect platform to meet European distribution partners.”


Explaining the significance of the two products, Young Suk Shin says the key selling point is the Induction Heat (IH) technology. “In the case of the Hauscook Smart Fryer, which is targeted at commercial establishments such as hotel kitchens, we have seen a number of advantages over similar gas and electric powered products,” he explains. “Tests conducted by the Korean Food Research Institute have shown that the Hauscook Induction Heat Smart Fryer cooks faster, uses less oil and keeps more moisture in the food. So not only is it more economical for the customer, it also delivers healthier, crispier and tastier food.”
There are other advantages, he adds. One is that the fryer generates less oil smoke and smell, meaning it makes the kitchen environment healthier and simplifies the cleaning process. Another is that it reduces the volume of unpleasant oil waste. It also has a robust lid, which means it is safe to deploy the Hauscook fryer at a public event such as a party or a banquet – because there is no dangerous oil splashback.
Bumil is working with Mike Cheong, President of Taijoo Trading, to find distributors in Europe. But it is already getting strong endorsements from clients in North Asia. The kitchen team at the five star Okura Hotel in Tokyo, Japan reports that the Hauscook fryer delivers outstanding performance, no oil smoke, no oil splash and is simple to use. It doesn’t require professional chef skills and is, they confirm, much cheaper than gas.


Just as important to Bumil is the new IH-powered much Hauscook Quick Cooker, an innovative device that can be used at home or in venues such as convenience stores, schools and hospitals. A simple but elegant appliance, the Quick Cooker combines rapid heating capabilities with an optional four stage water purification system. This means that pure water can easily be added to the recipe during the process of cooking.
Again, Young Suk Shin stresses that the key to the product is the superior performance of the IH technology, which delivers tasty food quickly and economically. But there are additional advantages, he says: “The product is very safe to use around children because the plate doesn’t get hot.”
The two products were launched in Asia last October and brought to Europe for the first time at IFA Global Markets. Taijoo Trading’s Mike Cheong says “We are talking to companies about the best way to set up distribution in Europe. But we are confident that the quality, efficiency and simplicity of the Hauscook range will attract European customers.

Young Suk Shin added: “Over four decades, Bumil Industrial has built up a strong reputation as a customer-oriented company with a strong emphasis on competitive pricing. We are now bringing that same management philosophy to market with our Hauscook products”.

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Photo: Young Suk Shin, President, Bumil Industrial (Hauscook)