Philips Elite Offers Surprisingly Big Sound 

Philips Elite headphones – Everlite, Ultrlite and Hyprlite – are constructed with ultra-light materials and clean lines. They are designed to follow the natural contours of the head and ears for long-lasting comfort. These compact headphones deliver natural sound and quality bass despite their slimmer form. Equipped with high-powered 32mm drivers, the headphones have been tuned to ensure the kind of clarity and bass impact you would normally expect from much bigger headphones.

The lightweight headband and soft ergonomic cushions create excellent sound isolation to remove ambient noise. Everlite allows users to take calls, chat via the integrated mic, or play and pause music. A flat cable keeps the headphones tangle-free, while added strain relief ensures cable durability.

  • Natural sound Compact headphones deliver natural sound and quality bass
  • Slimline design Slimline design of the headband and metallic oval ear-shells create an iconic silky smooth form
  • Compact Flat and compact folding for easy portability

HALL 22 / STAND 101