Pump Up the Volume 

‘Sound. Above All Else’ is the mantra of Pump Audio, a rapidly emerging player in the earphone and headphone market that is focused specifically at the electronica and dance music sector. The UK brand’s determination to create the perfect ‘Smile Curve’ sound signature has won it a loyal global fanbase, with numerous users and reviewers writing rave reviews about their products.

The Pump Decks over-ear headphones are premium wired on-ear headphones, an updated version of the Pump Pure. Comfortable and lightweight, the well-designed sound isolation ensures that users’ music remains private, while neodymium drivers ensure the best sound quality.

The premium three-button microphone is integrated into the flat, tangle-free extra length 1.2m cord. The headphones include a clamshell design hard case to keep headphones safe and protected.

  • Comfort Comfort lightweight on-ear headphones with well-designed sound isolation
  • Sound quality Neodymium drivers to ensure the best sound quality
  • Protection Clamshell-design hard case keeps headphones protected

HALL 4.2 / STAND 125