Sennheiser’s Flex 5000 Enhances the Tv Experience

Sennheiser has developed the Flex 5000 audio transmitter to allow individuals to tailor the volume, sound profile and even the speech intelligibility to their needs while using any wired headphone. The technology is particularly aimed at TV viewers who demand a dramatically enhanced TV sound experience.

Moreover, individuals using the ultralight MX 475 wireless earphones included with the Flex 5000 can move freely in the room without compromising their superior programme sound – the device allows movement within a range of up to 30 metres, while the batteries provide up to 12 hours of playing time for extra-long TV sessions. The Flex 5000 also provides full compatibility with digital as well as analogue TV outputs.

  • Adjusts volume, sound profile and speech intelligibility to individual needs
  • Includes ultralight MX 475 wireless earphones 
  • Fully compatible with digital as well as analogue TV outputs

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