TCL Looks to Grow International Business Further

The company is working closely with business partners to expand its global presence

Chinese company TCL Corporation is an international group with more than 50% of its product sales revenue coming from the global market. Tomson Li, TCL’s Chairman and CEO, tells us about the company’s strategy to increase co-operation with a growing number of partners around the world.

TCL is dedicated to providing ultimate product and service experiences for our users to enrich their lives by partnering with industry leaders such as Google, Netflix, YouTube, Harman Kardon, Dolby, Roku, Tencent, Baidu, etc. The next phase strategy for TCL is to develop AI + content on TV products.
To further develop our smart TV business and, in particular, the delivery of rich content solutions, recently, Falcon Technology Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of TCL Multimedia, together with Tencent Digital (Shenzhen) Company Limited, formed a strategic alliance to provide funding support for the development of the smart TV business. In overseas markets, TCL cooperates with Netflix, Google, YouTube, Roku for the same reason.
Also, TCL has partnered with top R&D teams and data providers in China and overseas and also worked with Baidu and Google for content input. Executing our AI strategies ahead of trend ensures our smart product business and technology will keep improving.


Are you target ing specific new territories? If so, which are they and how does your business proposition differ from territory to territory? 

We will continue expanding our international business, hoping to build win-win cooperation with more and more partners. We want to strengthen our business especially in Europe, including Russia and in the Middle East and Africa.
Here in Europe, we find consumers are fond of new technologies so it is the perfect place to make our TCL brand express itself.
TCL tailors its business model for different markets. For example, in some of the emerging markets as well as in Europe and the US, we set up our own sales organisations, while in Brazil and some other markets, TCL has founded joint ventures with local leading partners.
Markets fluctuate for different products, globally. Smartphones are consistently on the rise, not so for tablets; the market for high-end TV is growing while the market for standard TV is less strong.

How do you respond to such fluctuations across your various products and companies? 

TCL has a diverse product portfolio ranging from telephone, TV, refrigeration, washing machines, air-conditioning, smart health appliances, LCD panels to personal devices such as smartphones and wearables, most of which belong to TCL’s smart home ecosystem. In 2016, TCL ranked global No.3 in TV sales. TCL also ranked in the forefront of the world in mobile terminals, air conditioners, washing machines and LCD panel sales.


Competition is strong in the HE/CE industry, and the industry is crowded. What distinguishes TCL from its competitors? 

Today TCL is one of the top three TV makers in the world and has strongly invested in latest generation panel factories.
TCL’s manufacturing expertise, vertically integrated supply chain, and state-of-the-art CSOT panel factory, allows it to make large size TVs, premium design, and leading edge technology affordable for consumers around the globe.
We keep enhancing our R&D capability to maintain product competitiveness. We have 23 R&D centres worldwide, 7,000 R&D talents worldwide and 4 CNAS laboratories. TCL ranks fourth among Chinese companies in terms of the number of PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications.
By leveraging our manufacturing expertise and innovative spirit, we are excited to continue to expand and deepen our presence globally. In addition, TCL sees AI as a critical trend and thus we focus on AI + content strategy in coming years.

Photo: Tomson Li. Chairman and CEO, TCL Corporation.