Thoughts of an IFA First-timer

Les Echos is one of the oldest daily newspaper’s in France, specialised in covering economic news. Les Echos has more than 150 journalists based in Paris with correspondents around the world. Since 1995, a web desk has been covering broader news. Along with Publicis, Les Echos organises Viva Technology, a large tech meet-up in Paris. We asked Etienne Combier what, in his view, are the key technology trends right now.

Key trends in technology, for me, are the emergence of Virtual Reality, voice assistants and autonomous vehicles. There are numerous VR players gathered here, and Microsoft and Dell particularly have some interesting new announcements.
IFA mixes high-tech (smartphones, computers, TV’s) – which we cover a lot – and the general equipment that we all use, for example hair-dryers and washing machines. This mix offers a broad picture of where technology is right now.
This is my first time here in Berlin! It’s great to be attending this massive event, but for now, I’m just beginning to soak in the atmosphere and discover the thousands of products on show.

How important is IFA for you in tracking trends? 

IFA is really important to detect trends as we build up to Christmas, and also as a checkpoint for other big trends – VR, voice recognition, smartphones-as-computers and so on. These are subjects that we write about all through the year.

Photo: Etienne Combier, Journalist for Les Echos’s online edition