A Very Big Thank You

Hats off from IFA International to all those who helped us make this year another great success

The entire team at IFA International (pictured) wish to thank all those who participated in each day’s edition, with the end result of making this year the best to so far.

Organisers, exhibitors, media and trade have all played their part in making our editions complete, exhaustive “decision making tools” for the industry, in total synergy and harmony with IFA itself.

Feedback this year has been brilliant. Here are just a few comments from “highly placed” readers:


Lutz Burneleit

EK Service Group – Divisional Manager Household Appliances

“Fairs like the IFA are full of information. Guidance is absolutely necessary to keep a clear view. And this is exactly, what the IFA International provides. Sector information, news trends, manufacturer news and dates as well as opinions and forecasts will be put in a nutshell during the fair. At the same time, the articles provide a good basic for conversations with retailers and manufacturers. In spite of hectic days of the fair we do not want to miss the IFA International.”

Dieter Mathys

International Expert – Managing Director

“I like it and read it daily, because the information given is relevant, up to date and short/to the point.”

Sylke Rohbrecht

ALSO Deutschland GmbH, Managing Director Supply

“On a visit to the IFA you can only get a taste of everything that’s happening at the fair. So it’s great to get a further overview of the IFA and of other topics of interest – that’s the value of the daily newspaper. “

Hans Carpels

Managing Director Euronics Belgium CVBA, President Euronics G.E.I.E.

“We are big fans of IFA, and it isn’t IFA without IFA International – it is how we start each day at the fair, orienting ourselves and catching up on what is going on around us.”


Thierry de la Tour d’Artaise
SEB Group – CEO

“I actually believe it’s the best quality I’ve seen. Really… it is very interesting. I was amazed, when I visited IFA International’s of ces at the show in Berlin, as the team was doing a fantastic job. The magazines are very, very high quality and bring to the readers a lot of insights and knowledge on the groups, the products, and the trends.”

Dr Reinhard Zinkann

Miele Group – Managing Director and Co-Proprietor

“My response to that is brief: Topical, interesting and informative.”


Dragan Petric

Mobile Devices Expert Group Manager at EISA and Executive Editor at Bug magazine

“With so many halls and booth at Messe Berlin and so much going on besides the exhibition (conferences, music performances, presentations…) you need a digest version on everything important you’ve missed yesterday or you don’t want to miss today or tomorrow. The of cial daily will be your perfect assistant on this journey through the future of technology, guiding you to the most interesting points of interest.”

Jaime Rivera

Multimedia Manager for Pocketnow

“IFA International in a word is awesome. Again, the complexity of the show given how complete it is, is just hard to grasp. IFA International is the only way to keep up. It’s a crucial tool in being able to stay on top of the show and make the best of it.“