Bosch Backs 10 Years of White Goods at IFA

The German brand showcases new products at IFA aimed at meeting the main requirements of modern households

Harald Friedrich, Managing Director of Bosch Home Appliances, told IFA International the main focus of the company’s stand was about promoting a healthy, sustainable and relaxed lifestyle, as well as making tedious housework easier and more convenient. He tells us how the company presented itself at IFA…

For the first time at IFA, Bosch showed its products in five everyday living spaces which represent the five main requirements of households: individuality, networking, healthy living, perfect results and simplification. Among the key product highlights were the Vario Style fridge-freezer, which is the first refrigerator in the world where consumers can change the door to suit their style. There are 19 attractive, modern colours to choose from.

Bosch’s key theme at IFA 2017 was the development of a unique “household personality”. Can you explain this?

Our consumers have a high awareness of quality, but their needs are above all quite different. Besides a healthy, sustainable and simplified lifestyle, individuality is also a priority for many consumers. This is Bosch’s promise of household personality. With our new products we want to foster this uniqueness and help to make everyday life of our consumers easier, safer and more successful.

What were the hero products you launched at IFA?

In a major change in our communication at IFA, it wasn’t about one hero product. It was all about holistic topics; one of them was about connectivity and a special feature this year was voice control which gained a lot of attention. We can steer a new range of products in our portfolio with voice control. We are bringing  previously exclusive top-level features to the lower product classes, like Home Professional Series 8 features into Series 4 and 6.

Bosch has been a strong supporter of IFA since white goods joined the fair in 2008. Can you tell us about this first decade at IFA?

We have proven over the years that white goods are innovative and have an undeniably emotional aspect– the attention of the media and press agrees. When you watch TV or you listen to the radio, white goods play a major role.

How has IFA 2017 been for Bosch?

For us it’s been an interesting and good fair. Personally, I’ve been here for seven years in my current role, and I must say it’s been the best fair because of the atmosphere that we had. Our trade partners were in a very positive mood – we had good conversations and good orders taken, which represented an increase on orders taken at IFA 2016. From this economic point of view we are very satisfied with the level of orders taken.


Why does IFA remain the best trade show for electricals?

IFA continually innovates itself – this year, for example, organisers launched IFA Next for start-ups. IFA is constantly developing – manufacturers make it a big event by presenting new innovations every year. We were very excited about IFA in the run- up to the event as we changed the concept of our booth completely. For the first time this year, we didn’t show products in rows of products like we did in the past. We also mixed the categories – small domestic appliances and major domestic appliances – according to the five main trend topics. This concept proved to be very successful.

Photo: Harald Friedrich – Managing Director, Bosch Home Appliances