Carrera Kitchen Appliances for Powerfoods

This year at IFA, Carrera marketed its Kitchen range via the raw Powerfoods theme that especially apply to its high- power blender range.

“Food is energy first and foremost”, explains Bastian Kühl, partner and brand manager at Carrera.

With its blender, Carrera combines an appliance that can blend, crush, cook and steam, along with a brand exclusive: a Powerfood hotline that gives consumers all the answers.

Asked about the move to a full-service product offering, Kühl says the direct dialogue with customers via the Powerfood Experts is really important. “It’s the only way to build real customer loyalty and earn their trust in our competence.”.

  • Flexible: Carrera blender can blend, crush, cook and steam
  • Broad range: A full-service product offering
  • Back-up: Powerfood hotline for comprehensive consumer advice