Connectivity Set to Drive Robot Vacuum Category

Giacomo Marini, Chairman and CEO at Neato Robotics, says that one of the hero trends in the robot vacuum space is connectivity within the smart home. We asked him for his thoughts on smart products and what the future holds for the robotic cleaning category…

Our innovation is focused on how our products can connect and work with other smart products in the home, offering seamless operability. Neato has full connectivity with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Neato Chatbot for Facebook and now IFTTT. IFA 2017 builds on this with the launch of the Botvac D7 Connected, our most advanced robot vacuum, further cementing Neato’s commitment to innovation that enhances people’s lives.

When do you expect that robot vacuums will become mainstream? 

Over the last few years we have seen the introduction of smart home products which provide simple and easy benefits; services which focus on voice activation, climate control, lighting and surveillance.

Homeowners want technology that improves their lives and saves them time.

With the mass development of AI, the barriers of adoption are lowering and therefore becoming much more mainstream. This is where we are now seeing interesting developments, as more advanced solutions for the home, including robotic cleaning are really becoming a tangible and popular choice.

What are the key benefits of your products?

The Botvac D7 Connected represents a significant step forward in the future of the smart home. We are absolutely thrilled to launch this product, which is a culmination of Neato’s innovation and leadership in the robot vacuum market.

The key benefits of our new model, include the new Neato FloorPlanner Advanced Mapping & Cleaning Technology which allows users to create a cleaning map of their home. The Neato Botvac D7 Connected is also launching with IFTTT compatibility, giving customers full control over their robot vacuum with flexibility and convenience.

These new additions allow Neato robot vacuums to weave themselves seamlessly into the connected home, allowing wider integration with Apple Watch, Neato ChatBot for Facebook, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

In addition, Neato is also releasing a brand new mobile app, dubbed the “SmartLife Edition”, that will support all Botvac Connected models.

How important is IFA to Neato? 

IFA is undoubtedly the big date in our calendar when it comes to product news and unveiling. We see it as a primary platform in which we showcase the creative innovation and next level technology that differentiates us from the competitive market. IFA celebrates the greatest in technological advancements and it’s an honour to be in the mix with some of the tech giants from across the globe.

Will robot vacuums take-off, as part of the trend for connected living?

Connected living is more than just a future trend, it’s truly becoming where we are headed now. If you look across the tech spectrum, you will see all market leaders focusing on some element of connected living. From the extensive research done into the market, through not only ourselves but many other organisations, it is clear that this is what the consumer demands and they are ready to embrace connectivity. To be able to communicate with your home and interact with it, rather than just exist within it, is a luxury that is now obtainable.

What does the future hold for the robotic vacuums market? 

There is a huge amount of potential growth to be achieved across this industry, and in some markets more than others. The adoption and growth over the last few years, coupled with the superior advancements in technology, mean the future is only headed one way and robotic cleaning is firmly part of it.


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Photo: Giacomo Marini – Neato Robotics – Chairman and CEO