Defunc’s Duo Brings Stereo to Mobile Audio

Swedish audio and sound company DeFunc returned to IFA with a suite of new products, including the Speaker Duo mobile audio system, the first of its kind on the market.

Unlike the preponderant single portable speaker, the stylish Duo speaker set offers a stereo mobile audio experience via two 360-degree, Bluetooth connected speakers that can be set up to 10 metres apart – depending on the size of the room and the number of people listening. The result is much richer, full-room sound experience that doesn’t compromise on portability.

Boasting minimalistic Scandinavian design, impressive volume and bass, and a compact circular design (only 6cm in height) and light weight (412 grams), the DeFunc Duo is pitched broadly at consumers in the market for home speakers or mobile audio when travelling.

  • The rst stereo mobile audio system on the market
  • Sold as a pair, the 360-degree speakers can be set up to 10 metres apart
  • Compact, minimalistic design coupled with impressive sound quality