Eruption of Sound

It’s the smallest loudspeaker yet seen in the Vifa range, but nonetheless Reykjavik still has an impressively powerful sound, due to its shape allowing a 360° experience. The speaker’s ultra-compact, pebble-like design is just as intriguing and understated as the rough Icelandic nature that inspired this loudspeaker. Material- wise, one model comes in the classic, high-quality Kvadrat woollen fabric that covers Vifa’s other products. But Reykjavik is also available in a rough, rocky version of anodised aluminum. Reykjavik is the fifth wireless loudspeaker launched by Vifa in only three years. It is a high-end, highly intuitive and aesthetically attractive product, which doesn’t compromise the authentic sound that has been a core value for the Vifa brand.

  • Great sound – due to the shape which allows a 360° experience
  • Size – smallest speaker in the Vifa range
  • Design – Choice of classic fabric or anodised aluminium nish