French Startup Signs Deal with Motorola

Tempow Bluetooth to be embedded in the OS on the new moto x4 handset

French startup Tempow has announced a global supply arrangement with Motorola to launch the moto x4 smartphone with Tempow Bluetooth technology pre-installed on every device.

In just one year since its founding, Tempow has established itself as an award-winning associate member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, guiding the development of the Bluetooth industry, and raising more than €800,000 in seed funding from leading angels and technology veterans including Loïc le Meur, co-founder of LeWeb,, Eric Setton, founder and CEO of Tango. The company consists of eight world-class Bluetooth software engineers, and has plans to double in size over the next year on the strength of agreements with Motorola and other companies.

“In many ways, Tempow is designed to be a Dolby Labs for Bluetooth – some of the world’s best Bluetooth engineers coming together to push the technology to its limits, so large companies can easily bring our innovations to their hardware,” Vincent Nallatamby, CEO and co-founder of Tempow said. “Bluetooth has rapidly permeated nearly every device in our homes, our workplaces, in our ears, on our wrists, and in our pockets.”

Tempow enables moto x4 users to broadcast and sync any audio stream to multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones regardless of manufacturer, and individually control every connected device from a single screen.

Beyond multi-device audio sharing, Tempow is a dedicated Bluetooth research and development lab catering to the needs of hardware and chipset manufacturers looking to enhance Bluetooth technology. The company operates a number of engineering teams focused on developing new softwareonly solutions to enhance every Bluetooth-enabled experience from smart-home assistants, from conference calling, to living room entertainment and gaming.

Tempow’s patented Tempow Audio Profile (TAP) is the first software-only Bluetooth solution offered to hardware manufacturers and the centrepiece of the company’s global relationship with Motorola.