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Berlin Calling

In 1930, Albert Einstein gave a speech marking the opening of IFA, in which he hailed the invention of radio as being this “wonderful tool of communication”. At the time, he stated that, “The origin of all technical achievements is the divine curiosity and the play instinct of the working and thinking researcher as well as the constructive fantasy of the technical inventor.”

He added that we should “think gratefully of the big number of unknown engineers who simplified the instruments of communication via radio and adapted them to mass production in such a fashion that they have become ready to be used by everybody nowadays.” Given the countless people employed around the globe in R&D positions that have contributed to the amazing advances at this year’s IFA, this statement is possibly truer today than it was 87 years ago!

The man who came up with the theory of relativity did get one thing wrong on that day, predicting that radio would “contribute to end the feeling of bilateral strangeness which so easily turns to mistrust and hostility.” Sadly, we know what ensued.

Today, radio is just one of the very many media that cover what happens at IFA, relating its revelations and innovations to the entire world. This year, journalists from more than 70 countries came to Berlin to report on the flood of new and innovative products and technology trends shown this year at IFA. IFA’s Global Broadcast Centre played host to broadcasters from all around the world, including news agencies such as AP and Reuters, public broadcasters from the EBU and commercial broadcasters partnering through ENEX.

At IFA International, we are happy to have been a resource for the media, and look forward to being of service in the years to come.

Richard Barnes – Editor-in-Chief