IFA+ Summit

The Contentious Side of IoT

This year’s IFA+ Summit offered an exclusive platform for global trendsetters and creative visionaries. Among the key topics, five innovators talked about opportunities and risks of IoT – The Internet of Things – in a panel discussion.

The speakers pointed out the positive effects of global connectivity as well as its negative side effects. Klaus Schroeder from Design People in Denmark emphasised for example the fact, that specialised doctors can provide their knowledge worldwide via IoT. Frederike Kaltheuner, Policy Officer at Privacy International discussed the lack of transparency concerning the collection of data by the example of a smart metre: “The consumer buys a smart metre, because he wants to control the energy consumption, he does not know, that the product can also monitor his bedtime habits or, if he or she is in a relationship or not.” Products are collecting data without the knowledge of the customer. All speakers see need for action here. “We need to be more transparent”, said Kacy Harding from Philips.

Tom Van de Wiele from F-Secure in Denmark claims that the implementation of transparency will include a design challenge for the products. But it´s also a technological issue: “You can buy the fastest car in the world but your breaks have to be as good as the accelerator,” he said. “All companies have to act responsibly, using the right hard-and software to make products safe”, stated Raj Taller Senior Vice President of Qualcomm