Max Box from Easy Mobile

Easy Mobile, a brand born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, presented the Max Box – a Bluetooth speaker for one’s bike, with easy access remote control.

Following the evolution and adaptations that the population has experienced in the last decade, when the phone was to call, but now is part of our life connecting us in so many ways, Easy Mobile was born with the mission to contribute to the improvement of quality of life using technology.

The company’s new Max Box clips easily onto the handlebars, enabling the rider to entertain him or herself (and the neighbours, too!), while taking in the fresh air and getting a little exercise. Able to rotate 360°, and with a battery that can last up to 12 hours, the Max Box is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and 3.5mm audio outputs.

  • Ease of use Simple to clip on the handlebars
  • Sound quality 360° hi-fi
  • Design: Looks great on any cycle