Smart, Contact-Free Thermometer

Korea-based electronics company Partron – with offices in Aachen, Germany –was at IFA with a range of health-related products including the PTD-100 Smart Thermometer and health monitor.

The compact capsule-shaped device, measuring around 5cm, fits on to your smartphone via a jack-plug, into the headphone socket – turning the phone into a thermometer.

Temperature is taken by holding the device close to the forehead – no contact is required. It’s possible to hold it over warm milk to measure the temperature before feeding a baby.

The thermometer can save data, which can be read on a graph; it can connect to Google maps, giving information about the nearest doctor or hospital; and it includes a timer to set reminders for medication and other health- and lifestyle-related activities.

  • Contact-free for extra hygiene
  • Timer reminds the user to take medication
  • Collects data that can be sent to the doctor or hospital