Toshiba: “a Chance to Relaunch the Brand”

High levels of competition in the television market mean the level of innovation at IFA remained impressive. In some cases, the innovations were around image quality – with OLED the big buzz word. But there is also increased emphasis on design, model size, affordability and user interface, with Alexa voice recognition a key IFA talking point.

Toshiba sales and marketing director – Europe, Bart Kuijten, said IFA 2017 “has been extremely successful for us in the sense that it was a chance to relaunch the brand. It’s only 12 months since we made the announcement we were bringing the brand back to Europe and we were able to put our products in front of retailers, consumers and the media.”

According to Kuijten the key message from Toshiba has been the delivery of high quality sets at the affordable end of the market. In terms of technology talk he said “the message coming through is that HDR is seen as increasingly important – and there is an expectation that it will appear in more and more models. There’s also a lot of interest in Alexa, connected to the ongoing move towards smart homes”.

Photo: Bart Kuijten Marketing Director – Europe, Toshiba