Your Fridge on Candid Camera

Siemens claims its connected XXL fridge-freezer “takes the stress out of everyday life”, with the combination of its built-in cameras saving time and planning headaches when shopping. At 70cm wide and 80cm deep, it not only offers up to 35% extra space for food, but the produce also stays fresh for twice as long, thanks to the hyperFresh system. The connected camera in the fridge section means you can check the contents of the fridge anytime, anywhere. Every time the fridge door is closed, two cameras take photos of the interior and door areas. The device then transmits these photos to a smartphone or tablet using the Home Connect App, allowing current stocks to be checked anytime when on the move.

  • Remote viewing: On your smartphone from anywhere, anytime
  • Large cabinet: 35% extra space for food
  • hyperFresh: Food stays fresh for twice as long