2018 IFA International – Preview Edition

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The line-up of speakers this at year’s IFA is yet again proof of the show’s veritable role in the field of thought leadership. The keynotes – firstly an incredible double-header from LG, followed by strategic talks by the CEO of Huawei, the Corporate VP of Microsoft and Amazon’s Smart Home VP – will all be absolute must-sees.

Shift Automotive – the new addition to IFA – will have a major series of conference sessions, never before seen in a setting like this. At IFA Global Markets, a series of expert talks will look at underlying trends that will strongly influence manufacturing over the next years.

The IFA+ Summit, meanwhile, is a key platform for leading thinkers, global trendsetters, and creative visionaries in regard to the next 10 years. A highlight participant will be former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, today an Avast Security Ambassador.

At the IFA+ Summit he’ll speak for one of the four clusters: INTELLIGENCE 2024: Hybrid Minds – The Age of Superintelligence. Since Kasparov’s legendary chess matches against IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer in 1996 and 1997, he has been deeply engaged with artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, and human rights issues.

With the rise of intelligent technologies, questions of ethics and responsibility in online privacy gain a new level. Kasparov will share his views on the challenges arising from the proliferation of AI, and what can be done by regulators and industry to assure that ethical standards and privacy protections are a part of this exciting technology.

Thought provoking thought leadership. It started back in the days when Einstein gave his keynote at IFA… and today, the content is, as always, ahead of its time