The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is showcasing innovative technologies for smart living at IFA

ITRI, Taiwan’s largest high-tech applied research institution, is exhibiting its innovative technologies at IFA 2018. This is the first time that ITRI has exhibited at IFA and the institution highlights some of the innovations that will be on its booth at IFA Next.

At IFA NEXT, ITRI is presenting innovative solutions for smart living and demonstrating its commercialisation results along with its partners.

ITRI said its Intelligent Vision System (IVS) for Companion Robots at IFA are able to play chess against human opponents and hand out gifts. Visitors will have a chance to personally experience the human-machine interaction and explore the robot’s ability in integrating AI, 3D vision recognition, and eye- hand coordination.

To enable the robot to grip and move objects smoothly, ITRI uses HIWIN Technologies Corp.’s gripper controller, which is integrated into ITRI’s IVS system.

ITRI will also demonstrate the Intelligent UV Direct Drinking Water Steriliser, which is designed to disinfect household drinking water and reduce the risks of bacterial contamination by killing 99.9% of germs such as E.coli.

Genki Bot, a non-invasive sleep-aid system, can learn and optimise the sleep environment for individual users. Through the interaction between the device and users, the AI algorithms enable Genki Bot to recommend the best environmental parameters, such as songs, sounds, and lighting. It can also measure temperature and humidity and detect CO2. ELECLEAN and Taiwan Biophotonic Co. (tBPC’s) will also present their products along with ITRI at IFA, to showcase their smart innovations in healthcare. tBPC’s Wrist Pulse Oximeter oCareTM Pro 100 is the world’s first and only pulse oximeter that measures pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation directly at the wrist. It eliminates the need for fingertip probes, and therefore, provides a non-invasive, simple, and reliable way to check and record physiological signs.

Hall 26 / Stand 229