As near 200,000 trade show guests ock to Berlin for this year’s IFA, there’s a lot to discover in the German capital

Berlin Governing Mayor Michael Müller wants to welcome new arrivals by showing why “24/7, 365 day a year” Berlin is such a special city. We asked him to tell us more about Berlin.

Berlin is a vibrant metropolis with a unique history. Here the world is at home amid a unique cultural landscape that includes club culture but also wonderful nature and plenty of space for relaxation. People are connected by the feeling of freedom and open-mindedness in this city. My tip for the first time in Berlin: Try not to do everything because you’ll surely want to come back.

What makes Berlin so different to any other German city?
Berlin is big and colourful and has a unique blend of visible history, contemporary culture, a vibrant start-up scene, but also a lot of space for nature and recreation. All this is combined with a sense of freedom that you can enjoy and experience at Tempelhof Field (the former central airport turned public park) as much as in a Späti (late night general store where locals also gather for a drink) in your favorite neighbourhood.

Are there any exhibitions or events happening in Berlin this summer that you particularly recommend?
Berlin’s summer of 2018 has so far been a very sporting summer, especially in terms of athletics. We hosted the Para European Athletics Championships and the European Athletics Championships, and in early September “Berlin flies!” (from pole-vaulting to long- jumping) will take place in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The Berlin Marathon follows on September 16. But the biggest festival of the year takes place between October 1-3, when Berlin invites you to celebrate the Day of German Unity under the motto “Only with you!” One million guests are expected at the huge street party. It was thanks to the common will and trust of the European and international community that German unity was possible. We look forward to millions of visitors from all over the world.

Next year it will be 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Is the city now truly unified?
The pursuit of new possibilities and freedom are today inseparable from Berlin. We are united by this shared attitude to life. This is another reason why Berlin is so attractive to many people. It is important to reflect more on common values and unity in Europe. Our city makes a big contribution to this.

Photo: Berlin Governing Mayor Michael Müller.