Smart home accessories business Eve Systems places security at the heart of its business

Lars Felber, PR Director at Eve Systems, says his company is looking forward to presenting its product range at IFA. We started by asking him about the key products in the company’s range.

Our product line is comprised of different categories: In the lighting category, there are lamps, switches and outlets. The security category includes sensors and alarms. The comfort line-up features air quality sensors, weather stations, irrigation systems, radiator valves and more.


Eve Door & Window is a contact sensor that will keep track of how many times your door or window was opened, and for how long. If you have an Apple TV or HomePod, HomeKit can even send notifications to your iPhone when the sensor’s state changes. It’s an inexpensive, easy-to-attach device. Coming soon is Eve Window Guard, a patented break-in sensor that detects tampering and breakage. Later this year, we’ll ship Eve Lock, developed in cooperation with Assa Abloy.

How do the notifications work?

Using Apple’s Home app, you can enable notifications for select HomeKit accessories like Eve Motion and Eve Door & Window. When the HomeKit-enabled accessory’s state changes, it will report the event to your home hub which, in turn, will notify you via your iPhone screen. All communication occurs via direct end-to-end encryption – neither Eve nor Apple can see what happens in your home.

What will be your “star” launch at IFA?
We’ll introduce the second generation of Eve Room, an indoor sensor with HomeKit technology that tracks air quality, temperature and humidity. New features include an E-Ink display, a built-in battery that can be charged via any USB power source, and an elegant aluminum bezel with rounded corners.

The new Eve Room is another example of Eve Systems taking HomeKit accessories to the next level. The combination of advanced sensor technology and fully wireless operation with an E-Ink display and a stunning, sleek enclosure truly is a leap forward in connected home sensors.

Eve Room senses indoor air quality by measuring volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature, and humidity. Its large E-Ink display sports a wide viewing angle so indoor conditions are visible at a glance from anywhere in the room.

What are the security concerns around Smart Home accessories?
Roughly two years ago, a large-scale cyber-attack hit parts of the Internet in the US and Europe. Responsible for the attack were IoT devices – cameras, routers, baby phones and more – that were hacked and infected with malware dubbed Mirai, which rendered them Botnet slaves. Back then, the target of the DDoS attack was a DNS provider.

Are security concerns a barrier to consumers buying into the Smart Home?
So far, most people don’t seem to mind if their IoT device gets used in a DDoS attack as long as it continues to function normally, but this attitude would change quickly if millions of devices were to be bricked.

Eve has safeguarded its accessories – can you explain the work you have done to make your products secure?

Eve accessories rely on Apple’s extremely secure HomeKit technology. Unlike other smart home products, they don’t rely on any non-HomeKit APIs – especially proprietary and undocumented cloud APIs. So, the only reasonable attack path is through an iOS device (iPhone or Apple TV), which is much harder to crack than your typical run-of-the-mill IoT cloud-connected accessory.

How important is IFA as a platform for you to present your products to the world and develop your partnerships?

IFA is a fantastic opportunity for consumer technology companies to get feedback from end users and industry experts alike. It’s the place to be to put your products in front of journalists and buyers from all over the world.

Photo: Lars Felber, PR Director, Eve Systems