With two of the company’s latest 2018 OLED TV models receiving prestigious EISA Awards, Philips TV said it can continue to claim its place as the OLED TV performance leader.

EISA has given its official seal of approval to the new Philips 55in OLED803 TV which has won Best Buy OLED TV 2018-2019 while the new Philips 65in OLED903 TV – the first product offered as part of the exclusive partnership with leading audio specialists Bowers & Wilkins – has won Home Theatre TV 2018-2019.

Praising the new 903, the EISA judges said: “Home Theatre enthusiasts demand a genuinely cinematic experience that marries immersive visuals with dynamic sounds, and Philips’ 65in OLED flagship delivers. Overall the 65in OLED903 offers a class-leading performance, topped off by Ambilight– enhanced atmosphere, which gets the best from 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray and streamed sources”.

Commenting on the new 803, the EISA judges said: “Philips combines the latest 2018 OLED panel with its revised P5 picture engine for truly stunning results with this 55in model, while still hitting a tempting price. This UHD OLED Android TV lets you experience Standard dynamic range content in near HDR quality through Philips’ latest innovation, ‘Perfect Natural Reality’.”

Both new models share the same PQ features with new 2018 OLED Panels, anti- reflective coatings for even better black reproduction and a 1000 Nit peak light output – a 10% increase in light output compared to the 2017 models.

Both new models also feature the second generation P5 Picture Perfect Processing Engine incorporating the new ‘Perfect Natural Reality’ contrast enhancing technology.