The wide-ranging small domestic appliance market offers an even greater number of categories this year

As well as being Managing Director of Beurer, Georg Walkenbach is a board member of ZVEI, the German manufacturers’ association. We asked him how he saw the major trends in the small domestic appliances category progressing this year.

There are many trends. Healthy living is a big one and comfortable living is another one. It starts with air cleaning, which has experienced a sales boom; sales of coffee machines are still on the rise; and then there is the big innovation area, cordless appliances. Sales of stick vacuum cleaners have overtaken sales of more traditional products. This year the small appliances market will grow by around 3%.

What are the key innovations in the kitchen?

Healthy cooking is an important trend. Sales of air fryer products have been strong, as the technology offers consumers the same taste, but with less fat. This area is continuously growing. After the huge boom in juicing, this category is in slight decline, as many manufacturers have entered this space, and prices are dropping.

Can you tell us more about demand for health devices?

The health market is preforming well. The activity trackers area is a very competitive market that is being rivalled by the smart watch category, which is still growing. Activity trackers are struggling to compete with smart watches which have so many functions built-in– you can even measure your pulse with a smart watch.


A target market for health devices is 50+, where the main goal is to either get healthy again or to stay healthy and that’s the goal for everyone. We all reach a certain age and are well, financially independent, and now we are worrying about our health and that is constantly growing.

What does the future hold for connected small appliances?

Connected is an additional feature to give more value to the products, so you can do more with them. With a lot of products, connectivity will be a feature that makes sense.

Photo: Georg Walkenbach, Member of the Board, ZVEI