Philips SmartSleep is the world’s first and only clinically proven wearable solution to improve deep sleep quality for consumers who do not get enough sleep

According to Royal Philips, nearly 40% of people aged 25-54 get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night, which is reported to result in difficult concentration, memory and focus. Studies suggest that deep sleep, or slow wave sleep, plays a critical role in resetting our brains to be more alert and focused, and that people who experience high quality slow wave sleep have been shown to be more alert during the day, with better memory consolidation, executive function and daytime energy.

Philips’ new SmartSleep is uniquely designed with two small sensors that detect periods of slow wave sleep and intervene with clinically proven technology to boost it in real time. Philips’ proprietary advanced sleep analysis algorithms, developed in collaboration with leading sleep experts and neurologists, produce customised audio tones that enhance the depth and duration of slow wave sleep. An accompanying app logs sleep improvement over time and provides tips and advice on how to get the best possible night’s sleep. Already, 70% of chronically sleep-deprived users who have tried SmartSleep for just two weeks reported feeling less tired during the day.


  • Meets a real need – More and more people suffer from a lack of sleep
  • Uniqueness – No other company offers technology that enhances sleep in this way
  • Connected – Thanks to the app, it’s possible to follow one’s progress in sleep patterns.

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