Raymond Chen, Executive Director of the strategic marketing department at the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) highlights the state’s role in IoT.

With the rise of AI and IoT, Taiwan is now shifting from high-tech manufacturing to an innovation-driven economy. We asked Raymond Chen to give an insight into Taiwan’s Taiwan Excellence Project.

To enhance the innovative image of Taiwanese industry, TAITRA implemented the Taiwan Excellence Project, which is promoting ICT industry significantly. By employing integrated marketing strategies, such as exhibition marketing, TAITRA attends important tech shows such as CES, MWC, and COMPUTEX and, of course, IFA. The Taiwan Excellence logo was established in 1992 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and TAITRA was commissioned with the entire project. The symbol thus honours Taiwan’s most innovative products and is already well-established as a quality label for products that are “made in Taiwan”. Now it is recognised by 102 countries, promoting more than 300 of Taiwan’s brands, and reach to one billion global people annually.

How are Taiwanese companies maximising the IoT opportunity? Can you give any case studies of successful businesses?

With the emergence of the IoT technologies, you could see the smart transportation in Taipei city, which promotes public bike, scooter and car sharing. The smart home solutions will be found in Taiwan Excellence Pavilion from i-Ctrl of Aifa Technology, which can operate all your electric devices at your home and build a high-tech lifestyle. One example of IoT in the gaming industry is Acer’s gaming laptop, which won the first place in the German market last year.

Sales from Acer’s gaming line grew by 98% year-on-year. Another world leading gaming brand, MSI, has partnered with more than 15 professional eSports teams worldwide. With MSI products, these gamers have been achieving outstanding records on the world stage. These two brands will showcase at IFA. In addition, in Indianapolis international airport, Taiwan’s company “NEO SOLAR POWER” is one of the partners of the largest airport-based solar farm.

What can we expect to see from Taiwanese companies at IFA?
Taiwan Excellence Pavilion will showcase over 40 innovations from 15 Taiwanese companies at IFA in Berlin. For example, the ENERGEAR USB-CTM PD3.0+PPS Charging Solution that charges a device up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging; the Eveline Smart Fertility System that uses the smartphone camera and light in combination with ovulation test strips to measure fertility with 99% accuracy; or the SmartDiaper by Opro9, for babies and people with a medical condition that pairs with a smart device through an App and tracks the temperature and humidity of the diaper.

What will be the “star products” emerging from the country?
One example, is Realtek Semiconductor Co.’s solutions in the IoV Industry. Realtek is one of the promoters of the OPEN Alliance SIG, and it has been confidentially cooperating with BMW over the past seven years, adapting its ICT knowledge into designing Ethernet solutions specified for the auto industry. We believe that Realtek’s automotive Ethernet technology will be well-adapted in most automobiles worldwide. Another solutions, such as FETC Co.’s Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system for the nationwide freeways, and Acer’s e-Ticketing in public transportation. Also worth mentioning are the smart medical solution (vital sign collection, integrated information platform, etc) from IEI Integration and Syscom Computer Engineering Co.


What does the future hold for Taiwan’s ICT industry?
Since more start-ups develop blockchain and AI technology applications, Taiwan’s government has put a lot of effort in these areas. Let’s take AI as an example here: In 2017, the Ministry of Science and Technology devoted US$528.7 million to building an AI innovation ecosystem in Taiwan. This AILabs.tw plan will weave Taiwan’s people, technologies, facilities and businesses into a broader AI innovation ecosystem, making Taiwan a major hub for AI development and nurturing emerging AI industries and applications.

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Photo: Raymond Chen, Executive Director of the strategic marketing department, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).